Why Your Company Needs a Value Proposition

Blog post by: Evan Mathu, Baer Performance Marketing Intern


It’s no secret the world of business has gotten increasingly competitive, and in these times of COVID-19 and uncertainty, contention in the marketplace makes success difficult. Business owners are constantly wondering how they can set themselves apart from their competition, and oftentimes, the answer can be deceptively simple. Every company needs a value proposition; without one, your company can all too easily be brushed aside by consumers. This value proposition should be at the very core of your marketing efforts and should drive your success, if done correctly.

Value propositions, in effect, are statements that you and your business make to answer the question: “Why should I choose your company over the competition?” Value propositions are statements about what defines your company and why a customer should place their trust in you instead of finding another partner. Consumers enter the marketplace oftentimes knowing exactly what they’re looking for — they know what they want, and they’re looking for the product or business that can deliver. If there is nothing to differentiate your business from your competition, why would these consumers choose you?

So it’s obvious that value propositions can help make customers see why they should choose you, but what does a good value proposition look like? Well, the first step you should take is to identify the best benefits your product or service can pass off to consumers. What will a customer get out of buying from you? Then explain why customers need this benefit; what problems will you be solving for the consumer? Lastly, explain why your company can provide these benefits and solve these problems better than anyone else can: Why can you deliver better than your competition? A good value proposition will quickly cover these points to give you the best chance with potential customers.

Once you come up with your proposition, use it! By looking at the benefits you bring to customers and why you’re the best at bringing them, you should be able to determine what customers are going to want to hear from you and what they’re going to want to see in your marketing. For instance, if a company wants their value proposition to be based heavily in their high-quality customer service and satisfaction, then their website and social media should reflect that! Tell people why your company can make them more satisfied, and explain the steps you’ve taken to back up that statement.

Value propositions are one of the most basic and most important things a company needs when thinking about marketing, and every company needs to have a quality value proposition in order to achieve success.

Still confused about your value proposition? It’s okay! Marketing your image is critical, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Here at Baer Performance Marketing, we’ve had years of experience and countless success stories. Let our knowledge work for your business too! Contact us @baerpm on social media or on our website; we’d love to help you get your marketing done the way marketing should be.