3 Brand-Building Strategies to Help Your Business Grow on Pinterest

Blog post by: Michelle Hofacker, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

Since its beginning, Pinterest has been stereotyped as a platform primarily used by middle-aged women to share recipes and workouts. Over the past few years, Pinterest has grown in popularity and attracted a much wider audience, including Generation Z and Millennial users. This growing popularity makes Pinterest a great marketing opportunity for businesses that want to showcase themselves and their products in a primarily visual way. With its 459 million monthly users, Pinterest can be an important tool for business owners and marketers to reach a wide demographic and grow their business. So, what exactly can your business do to see the most growth on Pinterest? Check out the three tips below on how to utilize Pinterest to advance your business and brand:


  1. Pin High-Quality Images

Pinterest is one of the most visually-centric social media apps that exists today. When it comes to Pinterest marketing, the key is to reach users through their eyes.

When creating a Pin, Pinterest’s version of a post, you should make sure the image is visually appealing and stands out to someone scrolling through their Pinterest feed. In other words, you want to create Pins that “jump off the page.” The size and shape of an image are also very important when it comes to Pins. Taking the extra time to make sure every image you post is of the highest quality can help ensure your business and brand are well represented.


  1. Pin Consistently

Consistent and frequent posting is extremely important when using all social media platforms, especially Pinterest. Pinterest recommends you Pin something once per day, ideally during peak hours such as evenings and weekends. This strategy is much more effective than posting all of your content at once and helps your content reach a wider audience. Posting once daily at consistent times will also keep your brand in the spotlight as much as possible.


  1. Personalize Your Content

Creating personal relationships with customers is something every business should strive for. Pinterest is a great platform for businesses who want to “humanize” their brand and appeal to the universal human tendency to be drawn to stunning images. Since Pinterest is a much more casual social media platform, its users tend to gravitate towards content that’s candid and authentic. To be more personal on Pinterest, businesses should showcase their mission through their pins and engage with followers.


The influence and power of Pinterest is on the rise. Harness the opportunity to help your business grow by getting a Pinterest account set up today! Message Baer Performance Marketing with any questions you have about Pinterest or how it could help your business.