Finding More Customers on Instagram Shop

Are you selling products with your Instagram Page? Depending on your type of business, you should! Instagram Shop allows you to sell products through Instagram, enabling your Followers to purchase your products through the app and you to display your merchandise. Continue reading to find out how to set up your Instagram Shop


How to Set Up Your Instagram Shop
Before you can start integrating your products into your Instagram Account, you need to verify your Instagram Page is an Instagram Business Profile. To verify, go to your Instagram app on your phone, find Settings and scroll to the bottom of the screen to confirm you have a Business Account. After you have verified your Instagram Page is a Business Profile, you will need to navigate to your Facebook Business Page.


Connect with Your Facebook Page
To take full advantage of the Instagram Shop functionality, make sure to connect your Instagram Page with your Facebook Business Page. Your business account gives you access to Commerce Manager where you can customize your shop, manage inventory and get business insights. For more information and step-by-step instructions on this setup, click here.


Ecommerce Connectivity
The most important and convenient feature of setting up your Instagram Shop is the connection of your ecommerce platform with your Instagram Business Page. Instagram supports a handful of ecommerce websites to pull products into your catalog. This minimizes time spent onboarding and uploading additional photos and descriptions of products. Your Product Catalog needs to be supported by Facebook and Instagram Shop. Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform that Instagram Shop users have connected to their page. Check the image below for a list of the supported platforms:

Start Tagging and Selling
Once you have uploaded your Product Catalog by connecting your supported ecommerce platform, the fun can begin! Take photos or videos to promote your products, similar to how you normally post on Instagram. While uploading a Post, you can tap on certain areas of what you’re uploading to tag products that are a part of your Product Catalog. Find creative ways to tag and show off your business’ products so your Followers can explore everything available to them. If you sell clothes, consider uploading an image or video with an entire outfit, so you can tag each piece of the wardrobe. With constant updates to the app, Instagram now allows users to also tag products within Instagram Stories and Reels.



Expanding Your Brand
By utilizing Instagram Shop, you are connecting with a different segment of your target market who may be less likely to visit your website. Whatever way your audience chooses to connect with you to make a purchase, make it easy on them. By taking the time and investment to set up your Instagram Shop profile, you’ll quickly broaden your brand’s reach.


If you need help setting up your Instagram Shop or are looking to completely overhaul your Instagram Page in 2022, BPM is here to assist. Contact us at and tell us your goals.