BPM Intern Spotlight: Marshall Stanelle

In this week’s installment of the Baer Blog, we want to take the opportunity to introduce Baer Performance Marketing’s fall intern, Marshall Stanelle! Marshall is studying digital marketing at Fox Valley Technical College and is set to graduate with his diploma in December of this year. Marshall is already thriving in his new position, assisting with blog copywriting, industry research, and more! BPM interns excel in our fast-paced, dynamic environment, building up their portfolios, developing critical thinking skills, and working on real-world marketing efforts. Read more about Marshall, the newest member of the BPM team! 


Why did you choose to pursue a degree in digital marketing?

As a non-traditional student, it was hard going back to school. Trying to figure out what I wanted to do was even harder. Ultimately, I wanted something to challenge me creatively — along with something to satisfy or exceed desired outcomes. One day, while watching Shark Tank, I couldn’t understand most of the terms the Sharks were using. This led me to become intrigued, because I wanted to understand what they were talking about. That is when I stumbled across digital marketing through Fox Valley Tech. Through this program, I am now able to understand business terms on Shark Tank!        


What excites you the most about digital marketing?

Several things excite me in the field of digital marketing. First is analyzing the outcomes or results of a strategy. My drive to work comes from maximizing results or outcomes. It’s satisfying when I finally find the right solution to the problem. Next, I enjoy creating brands for new businesses. I find it so fascinating to help create the brand logo, voice, and positioning. The coolest part is seeing that brand become popular out in public. Finally, I am excited to help create content for business promotions. Social media ads, online ads, emails, or traditional posters are a few ways I can use my creative side.


Why did you choose BPM’s internship program?

BPM’s flexible schedule was a factor when choosing an internship. More importantly, I chose BPM because of all the different ways they can help market a business. There’s so much to do and learn from BPM, and I am eager to experience everything. BPM has many clients to work with, which makes each day different.


What are you looking to learn during your time as an intern at BPM?

I am looking to understand what a digital marketer’s life would look like day to day. I think it’s important to experience this so you can be ready for the future. Knowing what a day-to-day schedule consists of helps me become comfortable with the working environment.


What goals are you looking to achieve while at BPM?

One goal I want to achieve is to gain more experience in digital marketing. Experience is important if you want to succeed in any career. Another goal of mine is to plan an effective strategy for one of BPM’s clients. Granted, I will have a little help along the way, but I want to apply what I’ve learned in school to achieve a successful strategy on my own.      


What have you enjoyed or learned from this internship so far?

Thus far, I have enjoyed creating reports to help BPM understand how to approach their strategy with clients.  One takeaway from creating these reports is that you always learn something new. Organizing these reports for easy reading is also something I enjoy doing.  It’s that feeling of accomplishment that fills me up when I’m done creating a report.       


What social media platform is your favorite and why?

Hands down: YouTube. All my favorite content is located there. I also enjoy discovering new videos on my recommended page. This is my platform to relax, be entertained, or find how-tos. Anyone and everyone has videos waiting for them to watch on YouTube.


What is your current dream job?

My current dream job would be something in social media or email marketing. I don’t have a preference with one over the other. Both of them intrigue me due to the various data I can analyze to drive better results in future strategies.


What are your hobbies? What do you do during your time away from school?

I enjoy being active in volleyball, ping-pong, coaching 5th-8th grade soccer and exercising. On the flip side, I enjoy playing piano, YouTube, video games, and keeping up with the latest trend/challenge.


What is something interesting most people don’t know about you?

My first job was at the local grocery store in Brillion. I was selected to compete in the “Great Wisconsin Bag Off.”  Employees who bag groceries get to compete in this statewide competition. The winner gets $500 and a trip to Las Vegas for the nationals. If you win at nationals, you get to appear on the David Letterman show. To win, you need to satisfy four categories. These categories include speed, weight distribution, placement of products, and attitude. Out of eighteen competitors, I came in last place. It was still something unique to experience — even though I came in last place.


What is a band or musician you are embarrassed to admit that you love?

Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure. Her fans are collectively named “Swifties.” So, yes, I am a secret Swiftie. 


The BPM internship program is a perfect opportunity to get hands-on marketing experience! No matter what aspects of business or marketing you’re interested in, the BPM internship program can offer you the opportunity you need to build up your resume for potential employers. Send this blog to someone looking for a marketing internship in the Green Bay area, or get ahead of the game and apply to be a spring 2023 intern! Contact molly@baerpm.com for more information.