Meet BPM’s Product Solutions Team

Even if you haven’t read our press release from earlier this month, we’d be willing to bet you’ve seen it on our social media pages or website – Baer Performance Marketing has acquired Branding180! This acquisition adds even more capabilities to BPM’s repertoire, with our team now boasting years of experience in the product solutions industry. You can find out more specific information about those capabilities on our website.

Those new services weren’t the only things added at BPM, though. Read on to learn more about the amazing individuals who are the face of our product solutions division.


David Vander Bloomen

Dave is BPM’s new Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. His role involves the development and deepening of relationships with our partners and providing them with the right marketing tools to support their initiatives.

He built Branding180 from the ground up, taking it from a fledgling idea to the successful business it grew to be. He’s spent nearly 15 years in the promotional products industry, first as an employee and then as a CEO in his business.

His favorite thing about coming to work is spending time with clients and helping them tell their brands’ stories. His words say it best: “Every company we work with has a message and mission, and it is our privilege to work with them to get that out to their audience.”


Kris Lamers

Kris is our Branded Product Specialist, and she manages our partners’ orders from inception to completion. From designing and ordering, through updates and delivery, Kris stays with your order to ensure the product you get is exactly the one you’ve been dreaming about.

Kris has many reasons for loving her role. The biggest ones are that she can stay organized and one step ahead of every order and that she can hear the great customer feedback about their new products.

When she’s not at work, Kris loves spending time with her family and friends, including her dogs, ducks, chickens, and bunny.


Kathleen Pelayo

Kathleen is BPM’s Sales Support Specialist. When it comes time to find the best products for your needs, Kathleen puts in the legwork, confirming prices, researching the best vendors, and checking on production times and inventory. She then helps build out custom quotes, ensuring every partner of ours gets the highest quality items at the best possible price.

She loves researching new products, and as the industry grows, there are always new options to seek out! Her role combines many skills and interests: research, budgeting, communication, and online shopping.

When she’s not sourcing and quoting apparel, she’s taking care of her son and spending time with her husband. She loves finding fun new recipes to cook and working from local coffee shops.


As the Baer Performance Marketing team grows, so too grow the opportunities we can provide to our clients. We pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for businesses looking to see results from their marketing efforts, and our acquisition of Branding180 adds another tool to our marketing arsenal. None of it would be possible if it weren’t for our amazing new employees. When your business needs to take a fresh look at your marketing endeavors, get in touch with the BPM team. We’re proud to deliver results to our partners and tackle marketing the way it should be done.