Maximizing the Last of Your 2022 Marketing Budget

Don’t let that budget go to waste – use it or lose it! 



This year isn’t the only thing wrapping up – your 2022 marketing budget is coming to a close as well! It’s a good reminder that, as most businesses and organizations break down their budgets yearly, your window for making the most out of your marketing money is closing fast. This blog discusses some simple, effective ways to expend what remains of your marketing budget so you can maintain your allotted marketing spend in 2023 and drive results in the present. 


Promotional Products 

Investing in promo products for your business is a fantastic way to allocate your end-of-budget marketing dollars. By ordering and invoicing in 2022, you can get a head start on the lead time for your order, allowing you to make the most of your budget. You can pay now, start 2023 with a fresh budget, and have your finished products delivered early in the 1st quarter for your distribution. Talk about a win-win! 


Google Ads and Social Media Ads 

Google Ad and social media campaigns are some of the most cost-effective methods of advertising for any business, and there’s no better time to start them than at the beginning of a new year. By getting a jumpstart on your campaigns before January 1, you can invest what’s left of your 2022 budget in kickstarting the campaign, which can then run well into 2023. It’s a fantastic way to make every dollar count at the end of the year and can set your business up for real success in the upcoming quarters! 


End-Of-Year/Beginning-Of-Year Specials 

Another awesome way to maximize your budget is to consider kicking off the new year with a sale! If you invest those funds in special campaigns now, you can generate excitement among consumers and make great first impressions, all while taking advantage of leftover 2022 marketing budget.  


Website Upgrades 

With so much business being done online, your site is vital to your digital success. If you’ve got leftover marketing budget for 2022, investing in your website is always a fantastic strategy! Paying ahead for site upgrades, content writing, or search engine optimization means you can head into a new year with an improved site that’s primed for success – all without letting a penny of budget go to waste.  


By no means is this a comprehensive list of everything you can do with your leftover marketing budget – the possibilities are endless! But, it is important to take advantage of that budget now, while opportunity knocks. Unspent budget in 2022 can often be eliminated in 2023, so if you’ve got it, use it! In 2023, you’ll be happy you did. 


No matter what goal you’re looking to achieve with your end-of-year allotment, Baer Performance Marketing is here to help you! As a full-service marketing agency, we can tailor your budget and your goals to tried and true solutions that can help achieve your aims. Get in touch with us for a free consultation – the sooner the better!