Marketing Tactics Your Business Needs to Leverage in 2023, Part 2

It’s here! We’d bet you’ve already seen the first part of our 2023 Marketing Strategy Guide. (If you haven’t, check it out here.) We’ll be talking about the things you need to be putting to work for your business heading into 2023 and why each of these is a component that can make a difference for your brand!

Read the second and final chapter of our 2023 guide below, and think about what your business could be leveraging better.

Graphic Design and Infographics

With all the amazing software at the disposal of businesses, consumers have come to expect attractive, professional-looking graphics wherever they go. Whether on social media, your website, or on any of your print collateral, your graphics need to be branded and memorable.

Infographics are also a great asset to your digital marketing. Whether on your website or on your social media pages, there are few things able to capture and keep attention like quality infographics. These are best used to explain complex topics in ways your customers can easily understand. 

Most importantly, all your imagery and designed content need to be consistent across all of your marketing channels. If your logo and graphics are to represent your brand, they have to seamlessly fit together into your marketing plan. This is the sign you’ve been looking for – get your graphics in order, because your customers will notice! 


Branded Product Solutions for Employees 

Staffing in 2022 was rough for every business, and it proved there is enormous value in investing in employees and incentivizing them whenever possible. Quality branded solutions are a great way to get your brand some impressions, all while providing your employees with merch they appreciate and use! 

Nearly anything you can imagine can be a branded solution – from insulated thermoses, to quarter-zips and other apparel, you can find the goods your employees will love to have, at prices that will fit your budget. When you want to show your employees you care, don’t forget about product solutions! 


Reputation Management and Reviews 

In the digital space, consumers are more and more frequently turning to online reviews and digital word of mouth to decide whether your business is worth their time. It may seem difficult to manage what other people say about your business online, but it’s surprisingly easy to make an impact by managing your reviews! 

Dedicated reputation management tools are one of the best ways to take advantage of your digital reviews. By consolidating all of the different platforms consumers use to talk about their experiences, your business can quickly and efficiently react and reply to all of your reviews. You can also solicit reviews from satisfied customers via text and email using reputation management software. 

By leaving comments on and replying to negative reviews, you can help keep your brand’s image spotless. In 2023, expect to see more companies leveraging reputation management tools. 


Google Ads System Changes 

Google Ads is shaking some things up this year, and it’s important to understand how they’ll affect your business and your ad campaigns. Google is doing away with “similar audiences,” which means businesses will need to get data themselves in order to best serve their ad to potential customers. In addition, local ads, expanded text ads, and smart shopping ads are being phased out this year, leaving businesses to find other ad types to reach their customers. 

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though! These changes are a great opportunity to leap ahead of your competition while they reformulate their campaigns. Expect to see the ambitious businesses invest in Google Ads this year while the complacent businesses lose ground. 


Each of these tactics is just one of many things to keep in your business’s marketing toolbox as you work through 2023. When it comes time to implement these ideas, or explore other ways to improve your marketing, turn to Baer Performance Marketing to drive the results on which your business depends. As a full-service marketing agency, we tailor our marketing offerings to fit each client’s needs.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll set up a free consultation to introduce ourselves! We’d love to be your partner in 2023.