Google Ads for B2B Marketing

A Surefire Way to Reach the Right People!

Google Ads are a time-tested, proven way for businesses to market their products or services to specific segments of the market. Search and display ads have a long track record of providing results in the business-to-consumer marketplace, but people often wonder: can these ads provide value in a business-to-business setting?

When built out properly, Google Ads absolutely can bring value to businesses with a B2B focus! This article will discuss some Google Ads basics and explain how they can be adjusted to suit your individual objectives. Read on to learn more!


An Introduction to Google Ads

Before we get too far in the weeds explaining how to leverage Google Ads, it makes sense to spend a second getting to know the platform!

Google Ads is a search engine-based advertising system that reaches people using Google. When an individual looks up a question or a query, Google provides that user with relevant results. Businesses can pay to have their name appear at the top of the search list, and because people are lazy or in a rush, oftentimes, the first result they find is the one they’ll click! These are called search ads.

Google also partners with a variety of sites to provide picture- and gif-based ads. These are called display ads, and they’ll appear on sites based on your interests, the websites you’ve visited, and the searches you’ve entered.


Why Use Google Ads?

Google Ads allows you to target specific individuals based on their demographics and where they’ve been on the web. For instance, if someone is looking for a new snowblower and they visit several sites about snowblowers, it’s likely they’ll start receiving ads about snowblowers! Or, if someone visits the webpage of a competitor, it’s possible to retarget that individual with ads for YOUR business in an effort to bring them to your site.

Unlike a billboard, which reaches anybody who happens to be driving past it, Google Ads can pick and choose who is shown your ads. This saves you time and money and ensures that the people seeing your ads are more likely to become customers.


B2C vs. B2B

But how can this platform help businesses who aren’t selling to consumers and are instead selling to other businesses?

Decision makers in other businesses are almost guaranteed to be checking out your site to consider your services and products, and it’s important to serve those visitors ads. Even if they just visit your page once, it’s possible to serve them your ads and keep you top of mind when they’re ready to choose a partner.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s also important to retarget from the sites of your competition. If a potential customer is browsing sites looking for the best option, you’ll want to be sure you’re on the list of the businesses they’re considering! Even if an individual has never heard of your business, these ads can put your products and services directly in front of the decision maker who needs to see them.

Search campaigns can also be leveraged in a similar way. When potential customers are looking for a product or service you provide, it’s important to appear at the top of the list of results, or you risk being completely overlooked. Just the first three results of a Google search provide over half of all the clicks – so don’t discount the value of being on top!


Google Ads are a cost-effective, highly targeted way to hit your target audience where they live. With a well-built audience and some creative ad placements, your brand and offerings can be front and center when key decision makers come looking.

But a Google Ads campaign is only as good as the people building and running it! The experts at BPM have more than a decade of experience in tailoring audiences and campaigns to get cost-effective, proven results. If you’re looking to build a Google Ads campaign, or spice up the ads you’ve been running, we’d love to help! Get in touch with us today for a completely free consultation, and let us explain why we’re the right team to manage your Google Ads.