Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

What’s New, What’s Changing, and How You Can Take Advantage 


2024 is going to be a busy year – we’ve got the Paris Summer Olympics on the horizon, a total solar eclipse, as well as a presidential election. But some of the most exciting things coming up this year are definitely the new opportunities available for businesses to market themselves online! 

The field of digital marketing is constantly innovating; just as old methods of marketing fall by the wayside, new ones jump up to take their place. Here, we’ll dip our toes into some of the digital marketing trends that are making waves in early 2024 and how you can use them to set yourself up for success this year. 


SEO Marketing Still Relevant 

The concept of SEO marketing isn’t new. In short, your website needs to be well built and have appropriate information so it’ll appear at the top of Google search results. The SEO score of your site is determined by how Google’s algorithm can sort out your site – and Google has been changing their algorithms lately! 

In an effort to reward sites for being authentic and mobile-friendly, while penalizing sites that use recycled content and unethical marketing practices, Google has made significant changes to how sites are scored by its algorithm. For businesses that haven’t updated their website in a while, this could be a real wake-up call to make some much-needed changes. 

By tuning up your site with fresh content, including a blog and other relevant links in your site and ensuring your site is optimized for mobile viewing, your business can take advantage of SEO marketing this year! 


Twitter/X Vs. Threads 

If you’ve had your ear to the ground on social media for even a minute in 2023, we know you’ve heard some of the questions surrounding X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. After its purchase by Elon Musk, some questionable changes were made to the site, including the removal of verified accounts and the removal of most content moderation. In turn, businesses and users have fled the site in search of other platforms on which to share their ideas.

Enter Threads, Meta’s answer to the Twitter problem. This new platform works similarly to how the old Twitter worked, and it has garnered a significant following over the months following its release. While it’s not yet become a frontrunner in the world of social media, it’s still gained a significant amount of ground in the short time since its release, and businesses have taken notice. 

For businesses looking to further develop their social media presence, a Threads account could be a great opportunity. Because it integrates with other Meta platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s a resource that can blend well into most marketing repertoires. 


Social Media Vs. Google Searches 

According to data from Google, about 40% of millennials use social media as much as they use Google when it comes time to look for businesses and products to purchase. It’s not enough now to focus your efforts solely on your website – it’s critically important to have quality social media pages that produce relevant content for your audience. 

In addition to showing up more in searches, building out a solid social media presence is a good first step towards other marketing initiatives like social media advertising. These paid campaigns deliver largely based on the organic traffic they receive, so having a dedicated following is a good way to maximize your monthly ad budget. 

Instead of focusing just on social media or just on Google search campaigns, make 2024 the year that you devote some time and energy to both! By using an omnichannel approach, you can show up in front of more consumers than ever before. 



2024 could be a great new year for your business if you take the reins and steer your marketing in the right direction! The topics we discussed here are just a few of the notable digital trends, and there’s limitless possibilities for those looking to spruce up their brand image this year. Don’t put it off any longer – take control, and revamp your marketing efforts! 

If it all seems a bit overwhelming, we totally get it. The Baer Performance Marketing team has been helping businesses get their marketing sorted out for more than 15 years, and we’d love to help you develop and implement strategies in 2024! Reach out to us today for a free consultation.