BPM Intern Spotlight: Lea Rosner

We want to take a minute in this week’s blog post to introduce our spring intern, Lea Rosner! Lea is studying marketing at UW-Eau Claire as part of the class of 2026, and we’re thrilled to have her on board the BPM team. She’ll be assisting with a variety of marketing-related tasks, including social media, copywriting, industry research, and much more. 

Our interns get a chance to develop their know-how in numerous facets of marketing and are able to apply their academic studies in real-world experiences. Read on to learn more about Lea, the Baer Performance Marketing spring intern! 


Why did you choose to pursue a degree in marketing? 

To be honest, when I was applying for colleges, I kind of just picked marketing because everything else seemed like it would be boring. I am currently a sophomore at UW-Eau Claire and have never even considered switching my major. Marketing is the perfect fit, and since it’s a comprehensive major, I love being able to study all aspects of business.


What have you enjoyed learning about in your classes so far? 

I’ve really enjoyed learning about international business, marketing analytics, and personal selling. I am also a Spanish minor, and Spanish classes are always my favorite.


What interests or excites you the most about marketing?

I love that there are so many different avenues that can be taken with marketing. Some of my interests within the field are advertising, digital marketing, and market research/consumer behavior.


Why did you choose to intern at BPM? 

I’ve lived in De Pere my whole life and am really excited to work with a local firm. This is my first internship, and I think Baer is a really good place for me to start and develop my marketing skills.


What goals are you looking to achieve while at BPM? 

I am looking forward to getting some real-world experience at a firm. I am hoping to learn a lot from BPM as well as bring my own ideas and narrow down the type of work I want to do in the future.  


What is your current dream job? 

I think it would be really cool to someday start my own marketing firm. I’ve always wanted to work with clients internationally as well.


What social media platform is your favorite and why? 

I like Instagram because it’s so versatile, and there’s a lot of room for creativity.


How do you like to spend your time outside of work or school? Do you have any hobbies? 

I spend a lot of time going on bike rides, cooking, and listening to music. I love all genres, but recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of folk and R&B.


What is something interesting most people don’t know about you? 

A lot of people don’t know I can play piano and taught myself to play guitar!


What topic could you give an hour-long presentation on with little to no preparation? 

Every summer, my family takes a road trip to a different national park, and I feel like I could practically be a travel agent at this point. I could spend hours talking about recommendations for parks, places to stay, and hikes, as well as recounting the stories of my adventures. I’ll take any opportunity I can get to show off the photos I took in Maine last summer.


What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from? 

This past summer at my serving job, I had a really inspiring conversation with a couple at one of my tables. I learned both of their children are CEOs, and they told me they saw big things for my future. They also told me that whatever I do in life, never look backwards. Those words, given to me by a complete stranger, are always in the back of my head as I work towards my goals. 


The BPM team hires interns to help them gain concrete marketing experience. Because we’re a full-service marketing agency, there are opportunities to grow in nearly every single facet of marketing, giving them the chance to work on projects they’re interested in and build up their resume and portfolio.

If you’re looking for a marketing internship for the summer semester, we want to hear from you. Contact molly@baerpm to learn more about our future opportunities.