Extend Your Brand’s Reach With a Custom-Imprinted Scramble Pic

Encouraging participation from golfers of all skill levels and a more social atmosphere, golf scrambles are one of the most popular competition formats in fundraising golf tournaments.

Extend your brand’s reach on the green of your next event with a Scramble Pic®! The patented Scramble Pic® enhances gameplay by allowing golfers to retrieve balls without leaving their cart, which greatly accelerates the pace of play. It conveniently attaches to most golf cart frames, providing businesses with four hours of logo exposure during the tournament and subsequent rounds.

Proudly assembled in the USA, the Scramble Pic® is an essential, money-generating accessory for all golf events.


How does the Scramble Pic® work?

  • The Scramble Pic® streamlines ball retrieval on the golf course, eliminating the hassle of bending over or leaving the cart.
  • Its top features a powerful magnet that attaches to the frame of most golf carts.
  • The bottom of the patented Scramble Pic® contains a suction cup that picks up the golf ball with ease.
  • Featuring a large 2” x 15” imprint area, the Scramble Pic® offers ample sponsorship opportunities.




Price includes full-color imprint.


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