Anytime Fitness is a worldwide, 24-hour, co-ed fitness franchise that caters to clients by satisfying their craving to work-out on their own schedule. When Karmen Nenahlo, the owner of multiple locations throughout Wisconsin and Michigan, purchased her first Anytime Fitness clubs, she soon realized the vast number of marketing avenues including public relations and promotional opportunities available to business owners today. As the owner of various club locations, time is a precious commodity, especially when you combine the extensive time and attention required to market a business successfully. She juggled the essential daily responsibilities required by her position, while also trying to expand her business by entertaining numerous marketing outlets such as broadcast media, public relations efforts, and promotional events.

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After Karmen’s initial consultation with Baer Performance Marketing, the benefits of allowing an experienced marketing consultant handle the marketing, advertising, and public relations aspects of her business became evident. Because of BPM’s industry expertise, she was able to make her spending dollars go farther. Karmen started using BPM for a short radio campaign in the beginning and after great results, brought BPM on to do all monthly marketing. Through value added portions of media, Anytime Fitness’ branding campaigns provide her the awareness in the marketplace she was always aiming for. BPM was also the catalyst and driving force behind Karmen’s clubs’ involvement in social media. After customizing the pages and developing the initial community for the Northeast Wisconsin clubs, the club managers of Anytime Fitness truly embraced the social media marketing strategy BPM put in place. And through their consistent Facebook presence and engaging content, they were able to humanize the Anytime Fitness brand and connect with their club members outside of the club. The social media marketing strategy provided a focus allowing for further development of one of the key aspects of the Anytime Fitness brand: Community.

“Being the owner of several different locations, I always struggled with a comprehensive marketing plan for my business. When dealing with media, it was great to have someone in my corner, knowing what audience to target, and how to achieve that with local media in many different forms. Not only that, but BPM frees up my time to concentrate on what I should be doing – running my business.”

Karmen Nenahlo, Club Owner of Anytime Fitness facilities throughout Wisconsin & Michigan