The C.A. Lawton Co. has well over a century of experience as a leading manufacturer of industrial components. However, in 2014, the company found itself presenting its distinguished brand through a website that was extremely out of date. They needed something fresh…a facelift, if you will.



Baer Performance Marketing (BPM) was the solution. C.A. Lawton had several ideas but relied heavily on BPM’s expertise. This included a new layout of the website, updated company information and capabilities, along with crisp, clear, action pictures that included C.A. Lawton’s number one asset…its employees. In addition to the website, BPM helped C.A. Lawton update their literature (line cards) for customers (current, new, and potential) to download and share with their employees. C.A. Lawton also worked with BPM on Google AdWords to ensure the website was noticed by the right people. BPM started C.A. Lawton’s AdWords campaign with a focus on business to business. Keywords were crafted around a mix of products and services C.A. Lawton offers. Most of which are based around the term “Cast Iron.” After adding the negative keywords such as “Cast Iron Pots and Pans” and “Cast Iron Banks,” C.A. Lawton’s campaign is on the right track for increased click-through rate percentages. The campaign is still young, with a growth in CTR from .20% to .42% in just a few short months. As the campaign progresses, BPM will be able to keep increasing CTRs as well as lower average costs per click while delivering a quality customer to C.A. Lawton’s website.

“Without a doubt, the work done by our partnership with BPM has increased our exposure to the tooling, foundry, and machining community as evidenced by our click-through rates on the website. BPM was truly the right way to go…no doubt about it. Their professionalism, efficiency, and creativity made it extremely easy to work with their team. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new start to their company.”

Mark Koza, Facilities Superintendant, C.A. Lawton Co