Compirion Healthcare Solutions is a national consulting firm focused on helping Emergency Departments, Surgical Services and Inpatient Nursing Areas to become the number one performers in their communities, states, and regions. Compirion has worked with some of the nation’s best systems such as Duke University Hospital and the Medical Center of Central Georgia. Spence Tepper, President of Compirion, came to BPM with the issue of many of their prospects “sitting on the fence” when it came to committing to working with Compirion. The executive management team had an idea of how to pursue these potential new clients. BPM executed market research through interviewing C Suite Executives from hospitals, nurses, hospital employees, and hospital board members.

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Our research determined that the route Compirion was going to pursue would have been more detrimental to the sales process than beneficial. From the findings of BPM, Compirion was able to retool their sales approach and collateral. We also determined Compirion needed to freshen up their brand. The company has currently taken on a rebranding initiative and is in the process of creating a new and improved logo, look, and feel. The Compirion brand is well on its way to mirroring the performance and reputation of Spence and the rest of the Compirion team.