The Client

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. was founded in 1958 with the mission to provide meaningful employment to individuals with epilepsy by performing valued work for customers. Over the last six decades, as epilepsy seizure treatment significantly improved, the Phoenix-based non-profit expanded its mission to welcome employees living with other challenges, such as hearing impairment, physical limitations and mild intellectual disabilities.

All employees are paid at or above minimum wage, and typical work focuses on hand labor skills, with EPI-HAB often operating as a customer’s production plant and warehouse; receiving, storing and fulfilling orders.

EPI-HAB is unique in that it does not solicit donations or charitable contributions, receive any grants—government or otherwise—nor does it conduct fundraisers. It operates and competes, for the most part, as a for-profit business.

With that revenue stream, wages and benefits are paid, materials and supplies are purchased, and investments are made in capital improvements. Moreover, excess profits are donated to other not-for-profit organizations which share similar objectives.

The Challenge

Prior to its partnership with BPM, EPI-HAB attempted to conduct its marketing efforts within the organization, using the available hours of several staff members.  But since marketing efforts were not the priority of any one person, they fast became the last priority of all, and the individuals involved were often “stepping on” each other’s efforts.  Overall, it was an unsuccessful approach.

The Solution

Matt Redmann, president of EPI-HAB, was referred to Baer Performance Marketing by a friend who touted the professionalism, organization and tenacity of the agency. After receiving proposals and quotes from several marketing firms (both local and remote), EPI-HAB selected BPM because of their competitiveness, expertise, and willingness to adapt to the non-profit’s unique requests.

Initial projects included updating the organization’s website, adding a blog and building a social media presence and following on Facebook and LinkedIn. The SEO-focused tactics of the marketing strategy are ongoing and everchanging. BPM currently manages EPI-HAB’s social media and search engine marketing as well as the organization’s email marketing and blogging initiatives.

“We are a service provider, and as such, it is difficult to link sales dollars to our marketing efforts. I measure Baer’s performance against our bottom line. Before beginning a marketing effort, we were stagnant at best. After partnering with BPM, customer inquiries increased, net sales improved and our business has grown. One recent out-of-state customer came to us specifically because they found our website and liked what they saw. Our partnership with Baer Performance Marketing has proven to be positive, professional and cost effective. With BPM dovetailing our marketing efforts with our successful sales stories, we expect to perpetuate our sales growth.”

Matt Redmann, President of EPI-HAB