Greenway Station is designed for the varied shopping, entertainment and dining needs of today’s consumer. With its attention to architectural details and landscaping, the upscale, open-air lifestyle center includes strolling walkways, extensive gardens, a spacious courtyard and a signature 60-foot clock tower. Located just 10 minutes west of downtown Madison, Wis., Greenway Station adds to a quality of life already regarded as one of the best in the country. With the competition in Middleton and Madison, GS needed to find other outlets to promote and set themselves apart from the other shopping centers in the area. Needing to spend time on traditional marketing methods, they had a Facebook page started but no time to create content and interact with GS FB fans. That’s where BPM stepped in.

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After researching and understanding shopping centers, the Middleton area and their target audience, BPM developed a social media strategy that would bring more people to the GS FB page to learn more about GS and the shops and restaurants located on the grounds. First, BPM developed a status update plan so that users would continuously see content coming across their Newsfeeds from Greenway Station, whether about GS or one of locations within GS. Next, BPM worked to get them connected to GS. We created additional FB pages that would allow users to learn more about gift cards and the VIP program, even drawing them to the website for additional information on events and sales. Furthermore, BPM made it so each user receives a personal invite through FB to each event. After creating each piece to interact with users, BPM created several giveaways with FB ads to draw people within their geographical area not only to the location, but to the page as well. With that, we were able to grow the fan base for GS so more people were updated on GS’ events on a day-to-day basis. Through this process we have built a great base of core users that follow GS, interact with poll questions and share GS’ content with their friends and family.