Haven Salon and Spa came to BPM with one concrete goal: to build their salon brand without hurting their spa side of the business. The owner, Lisa Schmoock felt her audience was not receiving the right information or enough information on what her stylists could offer. There wasn’t enough attention towards her amazing staff. Her salon staff includes more than 13 highly-educated professionals who are always attending seminars to keep up with trends. In regards to the ‘brand’, Lisa wanted to provide her Salon with an edgy look but also keep the “serenity” branding of her spa side of business. Together, we managed to build an extremely effective campaign to help personalize her staff and also build upon the knowledge of their skills while staying true to the ‘warmness’ of her original look and feel to keep the “serenity” branding. Throughout the process BPM assisted Haven Salon and Spa with their rebranding initiative, media marketing, social media, copywriting, and strategy.


“I am completely comfortable and happy with the level of communication between myself, my management team, and BPM. Our working relationship was effective and timely, with a great job of follow through. I greatly appreciate the attention to detail along with the valuable customer and market research. I am also grateful that BPM is willing to be honest with me and tell it like it is even if it’s not necessarily positive. I appreciate that the BPM staff is truly a part of our team and not concerned with billing, rather focusing on getting us results. Their expertise and willingness to provide feedback and insight is crucial to growth and knowing where to focus your efforts for improvement.”

Lisa Schmoock, Owner of Haven Salon and Spa