SunSeekers by Rosie is the largest tanning salon chain in Wisconsin. Since the first SunSeekers by Rosie was started in 1992; the owner or a combination of management would place some ads here and there. Ads were placed in the newspaper some months and on TV other months. Radio and non-traditional marketing methods like event sponsorships and giveaways were also scattered in. Prior to BPM getting involved, SunSeekers had an unfortunately all-too-common occurrence with a “traditional” agency. The agency was solely concerned with making money for themselves and not nearly as concerned about getting a return on investment for SunSeekers. Common occurrences were: untruthful media buying, overcharging for services, poor quality work, and broken promises. Needless to say, the owner and management of SunSeekers had an extremely bad taste in their mouth when it came to ad agencies.

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Sun Seekers was cautious at first when they starting meeting with BPM, but Aaron assured the company that what he knew about media marketing would only benefit them. SunSeekers was able to save money on their marketing budget by cutting their unproductive expenses. In turn, they were able to spend dollars in places they knew their marketing worked. Due to Aaron’s solid relationships and industry knowledge, they have been a part of many successful promotions and strategic campaigns. BPM also helped SunSeekers with their public relations efforts. Due to the out of the box thinking from the BPM team, SunSeekers was able to create solid cross marketing relationships with local businesses and various events throughout the area. Finally, through the integration of social media marketing and SMS texting, BPM helped SunSeekers tap into the young, vibrant community of tanners and receive invaluable feedback and spot-on ideas for new promotions. Not every company can create a community like SunSeekers did; but then again, SunSeekers never expected its Facebook Page and Text Club to be such a runaway success. The results were more than a pleasant surprise. The Facebook Page will soon welcome its 5,100th member and SunSeekers’ Text Club has grown to include more than 2,100 contacts. SunSeekers’ success demonstrates why social media, specifically Facebook, should be thought of as much more than websites for keeping in touch with friends.

I frequently hear from people, “You are everywhere! I hear you all the time on the radio! We see you all the time on TV- that must have cost you a fortune! I always tell them – it used to! We thought that we knew everything there was to know about media marketing. We were wrong! The only thing we found we knew about media marketing was how to sign a contract. Aaron works hard at what he does and he gets us results! Aaron and the BPM team ensure that all our marketing efforts are in-sync with our brand and is tied in with all our comprehensive marketing efforts. Our radio has the same verbiage as our Facebook which looks the same as our direct mail pieces and so on. BPM has the expertise and time to execute all of this for us which is one thing that I did not even take into account when we began our relationship with Aaron and the BPM team. We didn’t realize exactly how much time this relationship would save us. We would spend anywhere from 4 to 8 hours per week dealing with media marketing, meeting with reps, looking over proposals, and reading emails, and that was on a slow week. Now my time that I am saving can be spent by continuing to build our business and focus on day to day operations. The most important thing I learned quickly from our partnership with BPM was if you’re not an expert at something, find someone who is! You will save money, time and that occasional headache!”

Scott Nichols, General Manager of Sun Seekers