Tanworks opened the doors to its new salon on March 1, 2012 providing its clientele with a welcoming and warm atmosphere as well as the latest in tanning equipment. Being a new salon, they were looking to develop a brand strategy, create community awareness of their new brand, and build an ongoing relationship with new guests.

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After being contacted by Tanworks, Baer Performance Marketing jumped at the opportunity to help develop its company brand from the ground up. BPM started the brand development efforts with extensive research both internally and externally. After digesting the research, BPM was able to identify the unique qualities of Tanworks’ brand and then defined the company’s positioning and developed Tanworks’ logo and tagline. The new brand elements were then carried into printed promotional material as well as Tanworks’ newly-developed website and Facebook Page.

After building and designing a Facebook Page and customized tabs for Tanworks, BPM developed a social media strategy that helps the business directly connect and communicate with its target market and boost its brand’s credibility. The social media page and strategy were built alongside Tanworks’ website. The new website helped distinguish Tanworks from its competition as well as the previous salon it had acquired.

BPM also launched an SMS texting campaign and email marketing campaign which allow Tanworks to continuously develop a database of customers while increasing brand awareness. The calls to action and promotions vary every month providing different offers that encourage repeat visits and increase traffic to the salon.

This initial phase of Tanworks’ social media, web development and SMS texting and email marketing campaigns raised brand visibility and formed the base for future communication and promotional strategies. The launch of Tanworks’ salon was a success and cemented a long-term relationship with Baer Performance Marketing.

“We began working with Baer Performance Marketing about almost two years ago and continue to benefit from our relationship. I am always impressed by their thoroughness, creativity, and over-the-top effort. As with every good business, the staff makes the difference, and at BPM, it’s obvious they truly care about our business and goals. I am thankful for their hard work and look forward to continued success with this partnership.”

Dan Pulanco, Owner of Tanworks