When marketers use the phrase “public relations,” it evokes thoughts of big press conferences and media releases. PR isn’t just something for large corporate businesses – every business needs to carefully manage its points of contact with the public to successfully manage its image.

Current and prospective customers, employees and prospective employees, and even your competitors pay attention to what you’re up to. And the way your business is presented publicly will affect people’s first impressions of your business and the work that you do.

Baer Performance Marketing has years of experience helping brands cultivate a positive reputation with the public. We tailor your public relations strategy to fit your unique business needs, utilizing:

Reputation Management

Media Relations


Cross Marketing

Event Planning

Social Media

Web Chat

And more!

An effective public relations campaign will boost your authority in the marketplace, build relationships with potential clients, and put your business in the limelight! It’s all about sending the right messages to the right people at the right time, and in the world of business, appearances matter tremendously.

Whether your business needs a full-scale PR campaign or a custom experience built from the ground up, BPM has solutions that will keep your business’s image looking sharp. Trust the BPM team to advance your public relations. Contact us for a free consultation, and let us help you strategize for the future!