In business, blogs are typically created with the goals to improve communication with employees and clients, strengthen a brand, and enhance a marketing plan. They are also a huge aspect of search engine optimization. This is because the main sources for website traffic are typically inbound links, search engines, and social media. By adding a blog to your company website, the content posted will be indexed by search engines, linked to by other websites, and likely shared through email and various social media channels.

A blog also provides a platform to share original content like informational articles, media releases, and photographs. It’s the easiest way to keep your website fresh and relevant—which is important because both web traffickers and search engines prefer fresh content. Monthly, bimonthly, or weekly blogs provide current and prospective clients with timely, new information and send a signal to search engines that your page is active. Also, every post provides search engines with an additional URL to crawl.

Baer Performance Marketing can help your company develop a messaging strategy that will help drive traffic, awareness, and increased search performance. And if you find it difficult or don’t have the time to develop your own content, one of BPM’s experienced copywriters can do it for you! With regular communication with your business, BPM will post your news and information on a scheduled basis.