As a business, saying ‘thank you’ to clients goes a long way in keeping customer satisfaction high. Baer Performance Marketing specializes in developing cross-marketing strategies that allow multiple businesses to benefit along with the consumer.

Cross marketing is simply two or more businesses working together to build a mutually beneficial relationship that’s less structured than a formal business partnership. Sometimes it can just be a temporary promotion. Other times, businesses may work out an ongoing arrangement. While specifics of cross marketing can vary widely, in a typical cross-marketing relationship, clients from one business are offered a deal or promotion from a compatible company – and vice versa – opening up a new customer base to both businesses and the potential for a long-term partnership.

Baer Performance Marketing can assist in the coordination of wide variety of cross-marketing tactics, including:

  • Joint Promotions
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Collaboratively Produced Collateral
  • Bundled Offerings
  • Joint Events

Whether your cross promotion is a one-time event or a continuing collaboration, if done correctly, everyone involved will benefit: you, your partnering business, and most importantly, your customers!


Consistent Marketing is King

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