During these technology-driven times, it is easy to overlook the power of a direct mail marketing campaign. However, the tactic has had long history of success, and it still has its place in a comprehensive marketing strategy. For example, if your message needs to reach a targeted zip code or demographic, or if your target market is “off-line” more than they are on, a direct mail campaign could deliver a phenomenal return on investment.

If you’ve never used direct mail to market your business you likely have several questions about how to start a campaign, how the mailing process works and what type of results to expect. Fear not! Baer Performance Marketing (BPM) will help you navigate the entire process. BPM’s turnkey direct mail services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Custom, targeted list development
  • Unique, brand-focused design
    • Ranging from simple postcards to monthly newsletters or elaborately-designed packages
  • Printing
  • Assembly
  • Mailing services
  • Response tracking
  • List clean-up

BPM will also ensure your campaign is compliant with any co-op requirements your organization must meet.

Measuring Results

One significant benefit of direct mail is that it allows your business to effectively track and measure each campaign down to individual recipients.

  • Are you looking for prospects to call your business? BPM can set up a unique tracking number specifically for your business’ direct mail campaign.
  • Would you prefer to measure by foot traffic? We’ll include a promotion within the mail pieces that the customer must present to redeem.
  • Additionally, by comparing the original mailing list to a sales report, we can even track by conversions!

Learn more about the power of direct mail campaigns by contacting Baer Performance Marketing today!


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