92% of consumers consult online reviews when considering a business, which is why businesses need to know what consumers are saying about their brand. Though, it goes beyond just knowing what is being said. Consumers also pay attention to how a business responds to different types of reviews, especially negative ones. Reviews from customers past and present can be beneficial for a business by shedding light on both strengths and areas of improvement. 

Consumers also trust and prefer to buy from businesses that have more positive feedback and respond back to reviews of all types. In fact, 68% of consumers form an opinion on a business after reading one to six online reviews. Overall, the more active a business is with its audience, the better the business is perceived, and the more value is added. This can increase sales, help retain customers, gain new customers, improve engagement and enhance the business-consumer relationship. 

We offer reputation management services that include:

  • Review Monitoring
  • Review Management
  • Review Marketing
  • Review Generation


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