How to Get Quality Instagram Followers as a Business

Blog Post By: Madysen Leroy, Baer Performance Marketing Intern


As a business, its important to be able to stand out from your competition. One way you can get noticed is by gaining active Instagram followers. Instagram followers can help with engagement rates, website clicksexposure and build brand awareness. Here are three tips on how your business can gain more quality Instagram followers. 


Promote Your Channel 

A way to gain followers on Instagram is to promote your Instagram through your business’ other social media platforms. Let your audience know that you share different content on your Instagram, and give them a reason to follow that page as well.  

Take time to come up with a hashtag that’s unique to your business and cross promote it. Taking the time to come up with a personalized hashtag makes it more likely that users will recognize and use it. Use your hashtag on ads, signs, Facebook, Twitter, e-blasts and at events. Your hashtag can help people stumble across your Instagram page, and if they like what they see, they’ll follow. 


Post Quality Stories 

There are half a billion users on Instagram who post stories every day, and 45% of the most viewed stories are from businesses. Followers want consistent and unique content! Of course, be sure your content is on-brand and sticks to your company’s message and voice. 

Furthermore, if a user looks up a location on Instagram, they’ll have access to all of the stories that were tagged at that location. Searching for hashtags works the same way, which is why your posts should contain plenty of relevant and creative hashtags. Plus, your business can utilize sponsored content to help get your posts in front of your audience’s eyes. 


Engage with Followers 

The Instagram algorithm will recommend content based on what users are interested in, such as similar topics to what they already follow. Plus, the more a post is engaged with, the more likely the post will appear to other users. Being clear and concise in your messaging is important for explaining your business while still engaging with and attracting the kind of followers that you want. Also, be sure that you are engaging with posts as well, especially with those who comment on your content. Engaging with users helps get their attention, build a relationship and give them a reason to check out your other posts. 


Building up a fan base on Instagram requires time, but it provides great engagement and brand recognition for your company as it reaches more of your target audience. As you gain followers, be sure to interact with them and build relationships on the platform. Contact Baer Performance Marketing for help on growing and optimizing your Instagram business profile.