Why Do I Need a Custom Landing Page?

Online advertising involves many moving parts, from different software platforms to clicks, impressions and conversions. Now that you have your campaigns running, are you getting the most out of them? Or a better question is; are your customers getting what they are looking for?  Are you sending your click-through customers to a page dedicated to their search and interests?  You should start thinking about a custom landing page for your campaigns.


What Are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a page on your site designed to funnel visitors from a linked source found within emails, social media and pay-per-click campaigns. These landing pages are a great way to not only tailor your customer’s experience but gain leads as well.


Do I Need a Landing Page?

“Doesn’t my website do all of this already?”

Yes, in a way, it does! A landing page, however, can deliver specific information the searcher was looking for, thus tailoring the experience directly to that user. There are also many other benefits to a well-formulated landing page:


Design focused on business goals

Whether you are looking to gain contact information, subscriptions to a newsletter or scheduled appointments, this page can guide the customer to do what you wish.


Increased trackability

A landing page is also a hidden URL, meaning the only way to get there is through the link we include in one of your campaigns.  Through the use of Google analytics, we can see who was navigated to this page and the steps they took once there.


Increased conversions

Rather than letting people hit your home page, you can deliver them directly to the area they were looking for.  This, in turn, increases your chances for a conversion or sale.


Improved paid search campaigns

Search campaigns use many different factors to show ads.  One of those factors is ‘Quality of Landing Page.’ If your landing page directly matches the ad you are running, the quality score will increase, meaning lower keyword bid costs as well as an increase in ad position.


More quality leads

People are searching for you, let us help them find you.  Once they click the ad, they will be delivered to a custom page designed with your strategy in mind.  Customers can fill out a short form to submit for more info, which is a warm lead for any salesperson to follow up with.


If you are looking to upgrade your customer experience in the buying process and get more website conversions, feel free to contact Baer Performance Marketing, and we can design a custom landing page to fit your online advertising strategy.