Grow Your Business With Social Media

Blog post by: Meghan Peters, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

If you haven’t noticed yet, social media has taken over. Despite the negative comments often heard regarding the internet, and social media in general, it has so much power – power to help your business grow! The reasons as to why your business should be utilizing social media as a marketing platform are endless, but here are a few that may convince you to activate a business page on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


Strengthen customer loyalty

What is, or should be, the most important aspect to a business is the customers. If you are debating putting your business on social media, think about your customers. Maintaining an active social media presence is a game changer for customer service. Customers care what your business is up to, especially those who have been supportive from the start. Social media provides a platform to communicate with customers, and potential customers, about what your business is doing – besides selling the product they’re consuming. Customers appreciate back-and-forth conversations and consistency in connection, making them feel valued. Additionally, you can utilize this customer feedback to help create a stronger base of loyal customers.


Reach a larger audience

If you’re looking to grow your business, social media is the place to start. With billions of users on social media, there is a huge opportunity to tap into new audiences. Commonly used features on social media, like sharing, retweeting, and tagging by name or location, spread content like wildfire. Consumers are constantly helping businesses advertise through these features without even realizing it. One click leads to another, and there’s your business’ page.


Keep up with the crowd

Although your business may not be active on social media, many businesses are. With most consumers finding out about businesses through online sources, it is important to get your name out there! If other businesses are one step ahead of you, now is the time to activate those accounts and gain a bird’s eye view of the competition. What’s working for other businesses may also work for you. Keeping up with the latest trends in your industry is easy – they are on full display, from hashtags, to the “trending” tab, and the endless feed.


Maximizing your social media accounts can be a lot to handle. Leave it up to BPM to optimize your strategy and content with our specialists in social media management and advertising. Contact us today!