Intern Spotlight: Meghan Peters

Hello! My name is Meghan Peters – Baer Performance Marketing’s newest intern. If you would like to learn about me, my experiences, and my journey to finding BPM, keep on reading!


Who are you outside of BPM?

Alongside my participation at BPM, I am finishing my last semester at UW Oshkosh, obtaining my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. I joined the program indecisive of my career path and despite my absolute hatred for public speaking. Thanks to this decision, I am flourishing and excited for my future! It has allowed me to be my true self – interacting with others and hearing their perspectives. Ultimately, I am a very extroverted human being who thrives off other people and speaking my mind. More personally, I am a vibrant individual who loves puzzles, writing, adventuring, dogs, and family.


What inspired you to secure an internship?

As I approach the end of my collegiate career, I am bombarded with the question, “What do you want to do when you graduate?” This is why I took it upon myself to kickstart the search for the answer to that question, as it is getting REAL.

Curiosity! The Communication Studies program does not guide me down a specific career path, meaning my opportunities are seemingly endless. With a degree so broad, I need to discover what positions are available that will be a good match for me.

Experience! The importance of experience and networking are ingrained in my head. With no prior professional experience in a workplace, I am inferior to other candidates, despite my strengths. In order to stand out from the crowd, I sought out a position that would help strengthen my connections in the business world and allow me to expand my overall knowledge and skills.


What drew you to BPM?

The initial draw to BPM came from my interest in marketing. What intrigues me is the opportunity to use my creativity and put my ideas into action. After researching the company, my decision to apply at BPM was easy. What really stuck out was their vision: client focused, connected, creatively effective, straightforward, and fun.


How have your education and experiences aided you in this position?

The Communication Studies program has provided me with skills and assets that are valuable in any industry.  Specifically, I learned the value of critical thinking, which I have practiced regularly in my classes. These skills allow me to better express my ideas and excel in creativity. The communication skills I have been perfecting make me an effective and empathetic communicator and listener. My education has also taught me the power of persuasion and how I can identify and utilize it in my own writing. All of these skills have helped me to excel in this position.


Where do you go from here?

With no prior professional experience in the marketing industry, I have found great value in this learning opportunity. With plenty of time left in my position, I hope to further my education on all things marketing, discover my passions, and continue building my confidence in my skills. I am grateful to Baer Performance Marketing for being accommodating and placing me on the path to future success.


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