Direct Mail: Dinosaur or Relevant 2022 Marketing Tactic?

While it may seem like you are constantly attacked with direct mail pieces, there is a good reason for it. It actually works! In the last five years, through the usage of digital response devices, direct mail campaign effectiveness has doubled. This is all thanks to the reintroduction of QR codes. QR code usage has grown significantly, with about 40 percent of all mail pieces utilizing them. If you’ve never used direct mail to market your business, you likely have several questions about how to start a campaign. 


What is direct mail? 

Direct mail includes targeted advertisement pieces such as postcards, letters, brochures, booklets, catalogs, and 3D mailers (package/box of goods, such as branded promotional products or samples).  


To whom shall we send it? 

It’s important to know whom you are sending your direct mail pieces to at the start of a campaign so you can tailor your message and offers to the appropriate audience. As with most marketing tactics, your best approach to developing a mailing list is to start with your current customers. The current customer base already has an interest in your brand and/or offerings. However, if you are looking to reach out to potential customers (prospects) you can buy a list. Unlike email marketing, it is perfectly legal to purchase and target consumers by zip code or IP address.  


Planning and strategy 

After you have developed your mailing list(s), it’s time to develop the plan/strategy. For optimal effectiveness, direct mail campaigns should be paired with other marketing initiatives. This is done for two reasons: 

#1 – Your message may not get to your intended target by only one method of marketing. Having more than one marketing vehicle delivering the same message or complementary information within the same campaign helps catch their attention. 

#2 – Multiple tactics in the same campaign build consistency and brand awareness. The consumer may dismiss the first piece they see in the campaign, but by the second or third, they begin to notice. The reinforced messages become recognizable, and the possibility of the consumer acting on your offer becomes more plausible. Marketing tactics that should be considered in your direct mail pairing are social media advertising, Google Ads, IP targeting and traditional media such as radio, TV, outdoor advertising and event marketing. 


Keep it simple, yet effective 

The cleanest, most direct message and design always wins. Make sure you have a strong promotion or offer for them to act on. Include a clear call-to-action with relevant contact info such as social media icons, a phone number, and a website URL with applicable QR code. Note that direct mailers can be trackable – not directly like many digital strategies, but tracked with a unique landing page, personalized URL, QR code, coupon, or other general offers that are redeemable in store or online. 


Size and uniqueness matter 

There are a variety of sizes and forms of direct mail that can be sent. A standard postcard is usually 4” x 6”, and sizes go up to 9” x 12”. Trying a different size might increase the likelihood it gets noticed. In the same vein, a unique piece of mail that someone doesn’t usually receive could spark interest. These can include small objects in flat mail, unique promotional objects, die-cut brochures, 3D pop-ups, coupons attached to postcards, food, and more! 


What types of direct mail campaigns work? 

There are a lot of different reasons to send out a direct mail piece. The most successful campaigns are those that send promotional materials to segmented groups. The types of materials we find most effective include new product announcements/promotions, product samples, upselling other products and/or services, reengaging subscribers, appointment reminders, in-store campaigns, event marketing (open house, trade show, etc.), and co-marketing partnerships (coupons provided in a partner company’s direct mailer). 


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