2022’s Must-Know B2B Marketing Trends

Blog post by: Em VonDerRuhr, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

Looking to optimize your brand voice, hone in on your target audience, or boost your SEO with trending keywords? Look no further! We’ve selected some of the top B2B marketing trends of 2022 to help you stay competitive. This week’s blog will be the first part of a two-article series, so make sure to check out part two of must-know B2B marketing trends on our website next week!

To start, let’s clear the air on B2B – what exactly is it? B2B refers to transactions between two businesses. Conversely, transactions between a business and an individual consumer are referred to as B2C. A B2B transaction can involve a manufacturer and a wholesaler, for example, and take place in a supply chain; one company purchases the raw materials from another company that are then used in the manufacturing process. The finished product may then be sold to individual consumers through a B2C transaction. To be successful in B2B transactions, plenty of strategizing is required. Below, we’ve compiled a list of trending tips to keep your B2B business on track.


Personalize Your Brand Voice:

All marketing communication should be presented in your company’s voice. What do we mean by this? Brand voice expresses your company’s style and tone. It reveals an identity of what your business is to your customers and relates to them on a more personal level. Honing in on your personalized brand voice increases your opportunity of not only catching the attention of your target audience and interacting with them, but it allows you to connect with them in a deeper way that feels relatable to them. Appealing to potential customers by proving your relatability draws customers further in: you begin to feel like less of a corporation by sharing what is important to your company and what the people who work for your company value. Having a brand voice to accompany a name and logo helps you connect with your potential customers on a whole new level, and this can be done across multiple channels, such as your website, social media pages, blog posts and more.


Make Your Marketing Content Customer-Focused:

Recognizing your target audience is crucial to B2B marketing, and the next step is pinpointing how your target audience approaches the content you put out. In B2B marketing, there are three different types of user intent you want to keep in mind as you develop your marketing content: informational, navigational, and transactional intent. Informational content refers to content that is focused on creating and distributing information about a service/product. Navigational content focuses on the keywords someone enters into a search engine to find specific information about a service/product. Lastly, transactional content focuses on when someone is intending to purchase, download, or register for a service/product.

One way you can increase the customer focus of your content is by keeping your target audience in mind and considering how your brand voice will appeal to them. You can do this by incorporating trending keywords that will bring more prospects to your website. However, make sure the keywords complement your brand voice. This can be tested and confirmed through market research. The better you understand your target audience, the better you’ll be able to pitch your product/service to gain more customers and keep prospects interested.

Turning to social media to gear your content to be more customer-focused is arguably the best way to tackle this trend. LinkedIn is a great platform to share your company’s story and values, educate followers and connect with your target audience. Instagram is another platform that makes it easy for you to engage with followers with short videos and captivating photography.


The Breakdown:

Remember that B2B marketing trends should revolve around your target audience. And while it can feel daunting to always try to predict what is going to draw them in, conducting market research into who your target audience is and what they value will help you develop your voice, select the right marketing channels, and create customer-focused content that attracts more prospects.

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