Company Stores: What You Need To Know

Marketing is all about impressions; whether we’re talking about first impressions, good impressions, or paid impressions, there’s an incredible amount of value in getting eyes on your brand in a meaningful way. One of the most tried and true methods of getting these impressions comes by way of branded products and promotional solutions. Companies have been branding products for years with much success, and today’s advanced marketplace means the product offerings that can be customized for your brand are nearly endless. 


But what’s the most effective way of ordering these products? With marketing budgets on the minds of many, it’s important to make sure you get the quality products you need, when you need them, with the most efficiency. That’s why so many companies are turning to online company stores. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about company stores for branded apparel and promotional items and why they’re one of the best options for businesses looking to share their brand’s story with the world. 


What are company stores, and why are they important?  

Company stores are, in short, online portals from which your employees, customers, and supporters can obtain promotional products with your brand on them. Choosing to run your product solutions through an online company store can save you time and money and ensure your products go to where they’re most appreciated and most visible.  

These stores offer a more hands-free approach to your product solutions, allowing employees who would otherwise have to dedicate time and resources to managing them to work on other projects. Company stores provide the most efficient experience for you and for the end user, which is a reason they’ve become so popular with businesses in recent years. 


How do they work, and who will use them? 

These stores are online portals that will have a selection of products you’ve curated; the selections can be as diverse or as simple as you’d like! The experience on this portal is similar to that of any online shop, in that the user can select whichever products they’d like and order specific sizes, colors, and customizations. 

This allows for a cost-effective mode of product ordering and only orders what you presently need (rather than planning out a larger order in advance). It also allows the end user to have the most say in which products they’d like to order, meaning the products they choose to order are more likely to be used and, therefore, are more likely to be seen. 

There are many applications for these stores. Some of the most popular include: 


Marketing Programs: Stores can be used to support general marketing initiatives by allowing clients and employees access to your branded merchandise year-round.


Employee Reward Programs: Celebrating employment anniversaries, promotions, or other employment-related milestones is easy with company stores! Nothing shows employees they’re valued quite like offering high-quality apparel and branded gifts to those who go above and beyond in their work.  


Onboarding: Nothing gets a new employee ready to work quite like getting them all the gear they need! Company stores can offer a portal where new employees can obtain uniforms and other branded merchandise. These options make new employees feel like part of the team and put them in a position to fully hop on board with your brand.  


Events and Fundraising: Stores can be permanent or temporary, making them great options for fundraising and event coordination! Whether you want to launch a pop-up store for an upcoming celebration or company party, or have a fundraising activity, company stores help streamline your efforts and make sure the end users of the products are left with a positive lasting memory of their experience. 


No matter what needs your business must fulfill, company stores can be a great way to reach the right crowds with the right products. It’s a cost-effective option to ensure you make good first impressions and keep those impressions rolling in throughout the life of your products. Pave the way for future success, and make the most out of your marketing budget – set up a company store today! 



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