Winter Marketing Ideas for Your Business

The temperatures are plummeting, the ground is coated in a thin layer of snow, and the holiday season is in full swing. It can only mean one thing: winter is here! Customers’ attitudes, perceptions, and needs shift significantly with the seasons; it’s important that businesses are receptive to those changes and adapt their marketing efforts accordingly. 

Today’s blog is all about how your business can take advantage of the opportunities winter presents. Read on to learn more! 


Refreshing Your Marketing Materials 

Instead of the outdoorsy focus that dominates spring and summer months, winter is a time that most people spend hunkering down and enjoying their homes. Statistics show that purchasing habits change in winter and that people are more likely to spend on large-ticket items during this season.  

With that in mind, your marketing tactics may need updating so you can hit consumers where they’re at! Winter is a great season to send out direct mail campaigns, email marketing blasts, and target consumers with digital ads. Also, by giving your marketing efforts a winter theme, consumers will know your business is staying on top of what’s new and updating your marketing to match. 


Sending Winter Newsletters 

Studies consistently show that people spend more time on their electronic devices during the winter. That’s why so many businesses kick off email marketing efforts in this season! If your business is already distributing a newsletter or eblast, it’s important to change the messaging to fit the season. For instance, sending out campaigns around specific holidays can be a huge boon for businesses, and highlighting season-specific products can help drive increased sales. 

If your business isn’t currently sending emails, there’s no time like the present! By adding a simple sign-up form to your site, you can start collecting contact information and targeting those individuals with customized emails. It’s a great way to stay in front of your audience, even if they’re spending more time cozied up indoors. 


Offering Year-End and Holiday Deals

Whether you’re trying to offload a specific product or simply pick up sales momentum as the calendar rolls over, special sales and deals can be a great tactic to break out in wintertime. Per the Boston Consulting Group, nearly 70% of consumers say they take advantage of holiday deals when shopping during the early winter months. If people are looking for these promotions, it’s important for your business to consider offering them! 

These special offers can be tied into nearly all of your other marketing efforts, including eblasts, social media, digital ads, and tangible sales collateral. This winter, find out what products appeal most to your customers, and give them a reason to convert with a sale! 


Prepping for Q1 and Setting Goals 

This last winter marketing tip may be the most important. As the new year rounds the corner, there’s no better time to reflect on previous months and plan for those to come. 

Review your successes and failures, determine how your efforts impacted them, and decide the best routes forward! By taking a data-driven, analytical approach, you can double down on your achievements and prevent future defeats. Be sure to set goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. By taking the time to chalk these up in winter, your business can flourish all year round! 


Nature may go dormant during winter, but these strategies can help ensure your business stays active during the cold season! Whether you’re a seasoned marketing pro or are just dipping a toe into the world of promoting your business, there’s a strategy out there that can work for you.

Keep your marketing efforts HOT this time of year and partner up with Baer Performance Marketing! Let’s put some work in this winter and ensure your business has the tools to succeed in 2024.  Reach out to us today for a free consultation.