Marketing to Gen Z: Social Media Tactics to Attract Your Newest Audience

A new generation of consumers is entering the market and ready to buy. Generation Z, also known as ‘Zoomers,’ is the group born between 1997 and 2012, currently aged between 14 and 27. Traditional marketing methods may not be as meaningful to this demographic as they are to older generations, especially in the ever-evolving digital age. How can you capture the attention of these young individuals on social media and beyond, and keep them intrigued?    


Keep it Brief 

Social media has long been an effective tool in marketing strategies, but changes in user demographics and behavior demand that we, as marketers, adapt. Gen Z consumers, accustomed to TikTok, Snapchat, and Reels with their brief 5 to 30-second videos and minimal text, have short attention spans. As a result, they are unlikely to engage for much longer and will keep scrolling if their attention is not immediately captured by your content.


Watch the Trends 

As witnessed on a variety of platforms, “going viral,” or having a post reach an immense audience, can heighten or damage a brand’s reputation. Company pages must participate in current trends and popular activities to maintain their visibility and attract the attention of non-followers. Gen Z audiences love seeing how different companies use trends in unexpected ways and adapt them to their industry or brand.


Be Authentic 

This generation places a high value on the truth. They want to understand what is at the heart of your brand and makes you different than the rest. By staying true to what your company values and cares for, you can trust that loyal customers will come your way. This can be done through showcasing your team, making fun videos, and advocating for positive change. If you can do this effectively, you will be surprised to see that Zoomers will remain loyal to your company and offerings. 


Involve Influencers 

Zoomers love to see the brands that their favorite content creators are using and advocating for. Do you have a product that relates to content from a particular YouTube star, podcast host, or TikTok dancer? Reach out to them to promote you! Their loyal fans will be far more likely to have trust in your company and will want to be in the loop with their favorite person to watch. Let them have fun with it — no scripts or extra frills needed. 


It may be hard to try to put yourself in the shoes of a different demographic group, but that’s what we are here for! BPM would love to help you keep up with the latest trends in the market and attract this new generation of buyers.

We have been helping clients with social media strategy and management for more than 15 years, and we would love to introduce you to what’s possible. As Gen Z continues to flow into the market and gains buying power, adapting your strategies is critical. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how to attract these consumers before your competition does and retain them for years to come.