Shop Smarter: Maximizing Your Pop-Up Store

Representing your company or sports team through branded apparel can be an excellent conversation starter and potentially attract new partnerships. Whether you are looking to give your employees a gift, promote specific events, celebrate an anniversary, or simply increase brand awareness, a pop-up store may be your secret weapon. 


Store Selection 

If you are interested in potentially selling branded merchandise and aren’t sure where to start, you must understand the types of pop-up shops available.  

Regular Pop-Up Shops
Purchasers can select any number of their favorite items and put them in a digital shopping cart. Depending on the type of organization, these products can either be purchased directly by an employee or a parent of a player, or they can be paid for by the business or team.

Redemption Shops
Selected recipients will be given a credit to choose just one item they desire from a few options. The shop owner will choose the quantity of each item, and once those items are gone, they will no longer be available to users. The company or team will pay for it automatically with this method. This is a popular option when giving gifts to employees.


Important Considerations 

As you dive into the development of your store, you must have a solid understanding of what your goals are. These goals could involve brand outreach, gifting, safety promotion, fundraising, event celebration, and more. You should also consider expected volume based on previous sales, a comprehensive budget, and assign a primary point of contact for purchasers. 

Choosing the right product mix based on your store goals is a critical step in the process. Your company can choose up to 10 products from one or two suppliers. Then you will provide the desired logo and specify its placement on the selected products. Once you determine these items, you can choose to ship them to a single location or to individual homes.


Key Features 

Choosing to partner with BPM for your next pop-up shop gives you access to a variety of useful features that can drive sales and encourage prompt ordering. These include:

Countdown to the closing time: This allows visitors to see time left to place their order and will prompt them to order as soon as possible. The countdown is especially helpful when quantities are limited, typically in a Redemption Shop. 

Ability to categorize: Categorizing allows users to see a particular team, age group, position level, or cost in an orderly fashion.

Customizable gift cards: Recipients can redeem the gift cards directly on the site. This not only simplifies the user experience but also extends the reach of your brand’s offerings. By allowing gift cards to be shared with friends and family outside the corporation or team, the store can increase order volume.

By leveraging these features, your company can operate more efficiently, focusing on core activities while we manage the sales process. 


Designing the Shop 

Upon developing a greater understanding of what you are looking for, BPM will design the site for you using your company’s or team’s logos, branding guidelines, current marketing materials, and target audience. We will also handle the website’s ongoing maintenance for the sale.

Once your pop-up is complete, BPM will generate reports detailing which products sold the best, the number of visitors, and other key metrics. These reports will offer insights into the success of the pop-up store and provide valuable information for future campaigns.




Pop-up stores can be an incredible way to leverage your brand assets and reach. For other company store solutions, click here. The Promotional Products team at Baer Performance Marketing has helped countless brands promote themselves and would love to assist yours. Reach out to us today to get started!