4 Ways to Strengthen Your Business’ Reputation

Blog post by: Em VonDerRuhr, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

A favorable public image is something every business strives for. Who doesn’t consider the reliability of a product or company when looking to make a purchase? Your business practices and values matter to consumers. And because achieving a positive brand image can be harder than it looks, we’ve developed a short list of important skills and attributes that will keep your public reputation up to par.



Keeping it real and upfront is one of the most important public relations (PR) practices out there, which is why it has its spot at the top of our list. It’s simple, yet key to a good reputation. In previous blog posts, we’ve covered the importance of having a brand voice and showcasing your company’s values. Staying true to these values publicly demonstrates the integrity of your company. Honesty and transparency complement your hard work, whereas mistruths can compromise your perceived reliability. Taking the truthful route is always the way to go when it comes to public relations and marketing.


Writing and Presentation Skills

Well-polished communication – whether it be written or spoken – is extremely important when looking to project professionalism. Just like how you’d have a hard time trusting a doctor who can’t explain medical terms clearly, you wouldn’t trust a company who stumbles through unclear communication. Work on polishing, organizing, and mastering different writing and presentation styles so your communication is clear, no matter the format. Although oral presentations can be nerve wracking, practice will help!


Attention to Detail

Similar to developing strong communication skills, attention to detail and accuracy in your company’s storytelling are essential to public relations. Even a small error in delivery can leave a long-lasting mark on a brand’s image. Put in the extra effort to keep your public messaging consistently flawless, so the hard-earned respect you’ve gained in the marketplace isn’t lost.


Ability to Adapt to Change

Change is a near constant element of the business world, which often runs contrary to our desire to be “creatures of habit.” The onset of the pandemic offers a striking example: businesses of all kinds were forced to rapidly change the method and messaging needed to reach clients and consumers. The ability to adapt efficiently to change, in a public relations sense, starts with being well-informed and involved. An engaged company is a prepared company, ready to act on new information instead of getting stuck in operational inertia. With your company’s mission and values in mind, keep an eye out for news or events that hold relevance. For example, if the grassroots beginnings of your company are a brand hallmark, stay up to date with what’s happening in the town where your business was established. A local tragedy may require your support, an ongoing need may call for you to launch an awareness campaign, or a positive local achievement may be perfect for you to highlight and share with your staff and customers.


The Breakdown:

We hope this list of our top PR suggestions helps your company strengthen its brand image. As an overview, remember that honesty and staying true to your values are key to maintaining a positive public perception, attention to detail will improve your written and oral communication, and last, but not least, readily adapting to change will help you bounce back from adversity. For more tips, information, and free knowledge, subscribe to our weekly newsletter and check out Baer Performance Marketing on social media!