How the "Small Guy" Can Make It In a "Big Box World" With a Not So Big Budget

Here’s an article from this month’s Company Magazine by Aaron Baer.  For inexpensive but effective marketing tips from Baer Performance Marketing, read on.

Marketing is necessary for businesses of all sizes and can be done effectively regardless of budget. As we become more and more dependent on rapidly changing technology, the options for marketing your business grow exponentially. How does a small to medium size business market their business successfully? Although there is no “one size fits all” equation for success, there are some key rules to go by.
Don’t try to compete with the big chain stores with multiple locations or the heritage company in the same product category right off the bat, unless you have the budget to do it effectively with sufficient reach and frequency. Pick smaller, more affordable marketing avenues to grow your business and work your way up!
The world is evolving constantly, especially with technology, media, and the internet. Don’t just follow what your competition is doing. If you think of an innovative idea, don’t be afraid to give it a shot!
Take advantage of inexpensive ways to grow your business such as:
 a. Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and this list is growing daily, are all great outlets to capture audiences as often as you wish with the freedom to change your message frequently.
b. Cross Marketing: Develop relationships with other businesses that have a similar client base, an example would be Anytime Fitness and SunSeekers by Rosie teaming up. These two well branded businesses have a common theme that can help promote the other. Develop a customer incentive or reward offer. Your customers will appreciate that added small “gift.”
c. Public Relations: Tell people about the great things your company does! Not often enough do businesses take credit for what they are doing or the ideas they have developed. Whether your company just added the newest employee of the month or invented a new “green” way of doing business, tell people about it! Media outlets such as newspapers, websites, blogs, magazines, TV, and radio are all constantly looking for newsworthy stories. This means a FREE marketing opportunity for you! Write up a press release that reflects a newsworthy angle to your story and send it out to as many media outlets available to you. When writing press releases try to avoid sounding like a sales pitch. Attempt to promote your business in a positive light and tie it in with newsworthy events and stories. Your chances of getting publicity will increase significantly. Publicity is a great way to get advertising. It may take a little more time, but costs you a lot less money.
Whatever route you choose, make a commitment and stand by it.
A business will be more successful by reaching 10% of the people and convincing them 100% of the way as opposed to reaching 100% of the people and convincing them 10% of the way. Quantity is NOT quality in regards to marketing, unless you have the budget to do so. Lastly, have fun promoting your business! Don’t make it a chore; get creative and form partnerships that are enjoyable on a personal and professional level. If you need help, ASK!
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