The Importance of a Consistent Message

Every business has multiple aspects to it, and businesses run more efficiently and cost effectively when all aspects work in tandem. Your marketing strategy is the same way. Spreading the same message, in the same tone across multiple channels is a key component to your business’ branding.
A tanning salon with multiple locations and wide variety of customers needs to direct its marketing effectively or risk wasting its money. Creating one voice for the tanning salon and conveying the message over multiple channels is the goal of effective marketing. To do this, communication must be clear from the very first step. Everyone from the designers who create the ads, down to the store employees who interact with the customer need to be clear on what is offered, at what rates and who it’s available to.
Synergy between your marketing channels is just as important. Billboards and mailers need to convey similar information and social media messages need to be crafted in a way that gives information and encourages engagement. Your message can be spread further than you could ever imagine. A tanning salon’s advertisement in Wisconsin can spread to cities in Minnesota, Illinois, or anywhere! Online, your marketing materials never die; your message can be spread far and wide until the end of time. This is why it’s important to ensure your disclaimers are correct and expiration dates are included if necessary.
Finally, timing is a crucial component of your overall marketing strategy. Time sensitive promotions need to be sent to the printers and to fulfillment in time to be delivered to your targets with enough lead time for them to take action. Text marketing is instantaneous, reaching your customers at nearly exactly the time you desire and social media is another effective avenue for time-sensitive promotions. Billboards and mailers are great for promotions that have a long shelf life.
Combining various strategies, employing multiple marketing avenues and ensuring effective communication from concept to execution, is the best way to maximize your marketing dollar.