New Sony Patent is a Game Changer

A new patent from Sony (a company amidst some serious financial troubles) was recently discovered on Google Patents. The patent shows a new method of advertising which would actually interrupt video games.
It would play out like this: You’d be playing and enjoying a video game and then all of a sudden gameplay would gradually be slowed down prior to stopping entirely for an ad to be displayed, the ad would present an AWESOME offer, and then your game would resume.
The patent includes illustrations of racing cars, a paused video game screen, and then an ad for soda.
Remember when gamers were upset about the virtual billboard advertisements in racing games? Imagine their reaction to an advertising method similar to this!
In all actuality, gamers would probably complain about any form of advertising being integrated into their games. However, there are certainly less invasive ways to do it. Ads played in between levels or placed on loading screens could actually prove to be very effective marketing method for the right product. However, integration into the actual gameplay itself would unarguably turn many consumers away from Sony’s games and gaming systems. (However, that is if they are the only company with a scheme similar to this. It has also been reported that Microsoft has similar plans in the works.)
Do you believe Sony will implement its new patent? Or do you think the patent was filed just so Sony could claim the idea?