Hashtag Tips

One way to more effectively integrate your offline marketing with your online marketing is through the use of hashtags. However, in order to accomplish this, you must know how to use a hashtag properly.
Hashtags are used to denote subjects or keywords within a Tweet. Here are some quick lessons on how to more effectively use them throughout Twitter:
–  The most important step in utilizing a hashtag for marketing purposes is checking to make sure the hashtag you’re looking to use isn’t already being used by another business or individual. Your online marketing efforts will go nowhere if you’re directly competing for attention with another brand or being confused with a topic or campaign already being discussed. To check to make sure you are utilizing a unique hashtag, check out hashtag.org
– One common mistake made by hashtag newbies is forgetting to close the gap between words. If your campaign’s hashtag includes multiple words, exclude the spacing in between the words (i.e., #MysticMonday). If you were to type out #Mystic Monday, #Mystic would turn out to be the hashtag.
– Also, be sure to incorporate hashtags into all the contests you are running through Twitter. It’s an easy way to keep track of who is participating. In fact, this is really the only way brands can keep up with conversations.  Twitter does not track your conversations for you.
– Finally, don’t get carried away with hashtags. The use of too many hashtags can be super annoying and confusing. Only utilize one or two hashtags per tweet.
If you have any great examples or success stories regarding the use of hashtags, be sure to share them with us!