New Pepperidge Farm Campaign Seeks to Help Cookie Addicts

Blog post by: Melissa Ignasiak
This past week, Pepperidge Farm released a new ad campaign entitled “My Yummy Secret”, highlighting the time when women turn to Milano cookies when they need a moment to just slip away from their busy days. The ad features a husband and wife preparing for a dinner party with the husband’s boss and his wife. The woman is shown in the living room getting her fix before dinner. She claims that she is still “getting ready”, and soon after he asks her how many she has had, he sits down to join her in indulging in a bag of Milano cookies. It is not until the end of the 30 second spot that the audience actually sees what is taking the edge off of their dreaded night.

Over the years, Pepperidge Farm has come to realize that mostly women enjoy their Milano cookies during the “me time” of their day.  Pepperidge Farm is “making a serious investment to support the icon brands” says Suzanne Goodrich, Business Director, Pepperidge Farm Cookies. She added that because women feel so passionately about the cookies, the brand wanted to capture this strong connection in a fun and clever way.
This campaign has become so successful because it is enjoyable, surprising and relatable, three important aspects when seeking to grab an audience’s attention. The husband’s concern about his wife’s behavior and the amount she has had adds to the perfect combination of seriousness and humor before the audience realizes it is only a bag of cookies that lowers her anxiety level. The idea that a simple bag of cookies can do so much captivates the audience with a surprising twist and creates a scenario in which any woman could see herself.