Are You Advertising on Facebook? You Should Be!


Blog Post By: Jake Sleger

You know your customers are using Facebook, but did you know that Facebook is now the most popular site on the web and has even surpassed in popularity? Facebook has more than 800 million active users spending more than 700 billion minutes per month on its site. Also, more than 50% of these active users log in daily and have an average of 130 friends. An active audience this size is reason enough to consider advertising on Facebook, but let’s go a little further.

Advertising on Facebook is a simple and inexpensive way to connect with a national audience or a small geographic region. Facebook is unique in that it does not target users based on relevant website content or keywords, but user generated profile information. Facebook allows people to “Like” website content, Facebook pages or groups, links and more. In addition to this, Facebook knows your location, marital status, education, birth date and demographic details.  With targeting by zip code, geographic region, age, gender, and interest available, an advertising campaign can be set up to maximize exposure and selling opportunities.  All this information can be used to target ads to a relevant audience. In short, Facebook targets people–not website content or keywords.  Facebook also has the ability to set your own click cost and daily spend, and most importantly, you only pay when someone clicks your ad! Even small budget advertisers can get big exposure using Facebook sponsored ads.

Through Facebook advertising, you can direct targeted consumers to your website. However, lower bounce rates and community development can be achieved when directing users to a customized Facebook page, event, or application. After these Facebook users click on your ad and “Like” your brand, your business has the ability to consistently communicate with them in the form of status updates, pictures, links and conversation. Facebook also posts ads in a social environment and has made the most of this by adding a social context to its ads. If your friend likes what an ad is advertising, this is then displayed on their profile page, the home page and under the ad when you see it, and research has proven that consumers are more likely to act based on peer recommendation than an advertisement.

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