Six Traits of a Great Advertiser


Blog Post By: Emily Martin, Marketing Intern

With today’s constant battle for buyers and attempts to break through the clutter, it’s important to find the right advertising team. Below are six qualities to look for when searching for an advertising or marketing agency for your business:

1.      Collaborative

Some businesses and agencies may steer away from group work to solve a problem or come up with an idea. However, the most talented teams of advertisers regularly work in groups to accomplish goals. It is important that all voices are heard because it is never known when a great idea will spark.

2.      Artistic

Visual style and creativity in marketing/advertising can very well determine whether a campaign is profitable. The best creative teams put a great deal of effort into coming up with an idea that’s never been done before.  And while it’s a graphic artist who will put together the overall design of an ad or product packaging, it is the job of the copywriters and account coordinators to know the visual style that fits within the marketplace, best describes the company, and supports the brand.

3.      Well-Informed

It is essential that marketers/advertisers recognize what’s happening in the marketplace and what’s influencing buying decisions. Also, in order to put together an effective campaign, they must conduct research to gain a better understanding of a target audience’s habits, wants, and needs.

4.      Organized

To accomplish juggling multiple projects at one time, the best marketing or advertising professionals excel at prioritizing and organizing their busy schedules. And while there are always detailed strategies in place, they don’t allow themselves to stress out if something doesn’t go as planned.  If mistakes are made, they will work hard to find a way to capitalize on them.

5.      Reliable

A business must trust that their marketers/advertisers are getting the work done in an efficient and effective manner.

6.      Persistent

The best marketers/advertisers will admit that sometimes the best answer or solution doesn’t come to them right away. However, they persevere, challenge themselves, and never settle for mediocre.