8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog


What is blogging?

Blogs mean different things to different businesses and different authors, but ultimately it is the ability to create an engaging and meaningful relationship with a target audience. In business, blogs are typically created with the goals to improve communication with employees and clients, strengthen a brand, and enhance a marketing plan.

 How do businesses benefit from blogs?

1.       A business’ website will be consistently updated with timely, fresh content.

·         Both web traffickers and search engines prefer content to be fresh, and blogs are the best way to go about updating your site’s content. Monthly or bimonthly blogs provide current and prospective clients with timely, new information and send a signal to search engines that your page is active. Also, every post provides search engines with an additional URL to crawl.

2.       Blogs establish leadership.

·         Providing industry-related tips or commentary on industry issues will position your company as experts.

3.       Blogs cultivate leads.

·         While it may take some time and audience growth to generate leads, within just a couple months of starting a blog, it can assist in cultivating leads. By providing regular content through a blog, you are creating an additional layer to your business’ sales collateral and portfolio. A blog will illustrate to prospective clients your business isn’t stagnant. They are a great way to show off new projects, awards and accomplishments, as well as new employees and equipment.

4.       Blogs create a community.

·         Lengthier group discussions will likely present themselves within a blog’s comment section or social media page. By responding to questions or concerns that are posted, businesses can further position themselves as experts within an industry.

5.       Blogs provide valuable feedback.

·         Are you concerned your store isn’t stocking the right brands? Would you like to know how your sales staff is treating customers? A blog is an effective channel to get quick, honest customer feedback.

6.        Blogs build relationships.

·         Most businesses work hard at creating a unique voice or personality for their brand. However, it’s difficult to project said voice through the time constraints of a radio ad or the content limitations of a poster. A blog is the perfect outlet to show off a brand’s personality. Blogs are typically informal and can provide a “behind-the-curtain” experience for their readers by presenting employee introductions  or updates on the development of a new product. This helps build trust and relationships with customers.

7.       Blogs attract traffic.

·          If your blog is providing consistent posts and valuable information, readers will become regular visitors to your website—and regular visitors tend to produce regular customers.

8.       Blogs are an important tool during a PR crisis.

·         Bad news travels fast – especially in today’s technology-driven world. Blogs are an excellent channel to present your side of the story as well as an action plan amidst a PR crisis. Though a blog entry, a business has the opportunity to include more detail than what can typically be presented through a news interview or media release.  

In conclusion, blogging is an increasingly powerful marketing and SEO tool. If your business does not have a blog on its website, it may be time to rethink your marketing/social media plan. If you’d like assistance in developing content as well as a messaging strategy that will help drive brand awareness and increased search performance, contact Baer Performance Marketing at 920-632-7648.