5 Google AdWords FAQs Answered

1. What is the cost involved when using Google AdWords?

Many business owners have the same perception about online advertising. Most feel that it will be quite expensive to get into; this is often not the case. With all Pay-Per-Click campaigns, your business will only be charged when a potential customer clicks on your ad which delivers them to your website. Depending on the business, average costs per click can range from $0.50 to $3.00. These costs are extremely affordable for even the smallest businesses.


2. How much should my business spend on Google AdWords?

There are two parts to this answer. Looking at it from a monetary standpoint, $300 a month ($10 a day) to spend on AdWords will garner results for any business. Depending on the average cost of your keywords, you could get between 4-20 customers delivered to your site a day. Businesses should start small with their budgets when launching AdWords campaigns. This leads me into the second part of this answer: I say this because there will be many things which need to be optimized once data and clicks start coming in. The management of an AdWords campaign can be time consuming to the average business owner who already wears too many hats. Proper management consists of keyword research, negative keywords, ad testing, bid adjustments and improving quality scores. Without the proper upkeep, your AdWords campaign can get out of date quite fast.


3. Where will the advertisement show up? How will my ads be found?

AdWords advertisements are shown in multiple ways depending what aspects you want to incorporate. The most common text ads will show up at the top and sides of a Google search page. Text ads can include things such as locations, links to dedicated webpages as well as reviews of your business. These are known as extensions and help entice the potential customer to click on your ad. The other type of ads are display ads. These ads show up within Google’s display network of trusted websites. These ads are triggered towards customers with known interests in your products or services. How many times have you researched a product and now are targeted with ads showing you this product on almost every website you browse? That is how display ads work. It is a great way to remarket your business to that customer when they are least expecting it.


4. What is quality score and how can it be improved?

Quality score will become your best asset when working within your AdWords campaign. Quality score will help you reach a more qualified customer, lower your cost per click and improve your rank where your ad shows within the search result. Google takes into consideration how well your website is matched with the keywords you are bidding on. Google also looks if your ad content is relevant to the keywords and where you will be delivering the customers to your site. With little tweaks and knowledge of how these campaigns work you can lower your costs while gaining even better customers.


5. Why should I use a Google Certified Partner to manage my business’ Google AdWords campaigns?

As I mentioned in the earlier answers, running an AdWords campaign can be extremely rewarding for your business but does require more than putting it on autopilot. To garner proper results, you need both time and knowledge of Google’s best practices. Working with a Certified Google Partner will ensure your campaign is being managed by someone who has taken the necessary exams and has proved to Google that they know the best practices for their clients. By working with a Google Partner, you will know that your campaign is getting the attention it deserves by individuals who know what they are doing. BPM is a Google certified partner and has worked with many clients, big and small, across all industries to provide results. As always, people are searching for your business, let us help them find you!