5 Tips for Using YouTube to Market Your Business

When inquiring about the newest ways to attract customers, businesses always asks about the main social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, they always forget about one of the biggest social networks there is: YouTube! Ask any marketer and they will tell you a growing trend in marketing is using video within your social media presence. We know the thought of making videos sounds scary, complicated and pricey, but it shouldn’t be.  No expensive equipment is required to start making a presence with online videos. In this article you will learn some quick and easy tips to help you use YouTube to market your business.


Find what works.

In most cases, you will be able to find other, similar companies’ videos online. Research which ones are working and what ones aren’t. Find out if funny/weird or useful videos get better results. To make your videos work, incorporate the best techniques from the videos you researched. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to online videos.


Keywords are key.

Getting your video found is a huge factor in how effective it will be. The best way to get found is by using keywords. There are many tools which can be used to discover variations of keywords you might be considering. One of these tools is the Google Keyword Tool.
Example Keyword: ” Oil Change”
TITLE – How to do an Oil Change
DESCRPITION – http://www.yoursite.com/blog – Do you want to learn how to do an Oil Change? Watch this tutorial NOW!
TAGS – oil change, how to perform and oil change, change your own oil


Add your URL to the description.

Include your website URL to the description to your video so viewers can easily access your website for more information. This could lead to potential purchases.


Use a call-to-action.

Here are some of the best calls to action used on YouTube:

  • Share now
  • Subscribe to our videos / channel
  • Embed this on your site
  • Find us on Facebook / Twitter
  • Post your comments
  • Visit our blog for more videos


Promote the videos.

Once you upload your new video to your YouTube channel, it doesn’t end there. You will need to showcase them on other media outlets. Below you will find some ideas on how to do this:

  • Embed the video within your blog.
  • Write an article about the new video and share it on social media outlets.
  • Email the video to potential clients or even past clients.
  • Ask people to help spread the word by sharing your video with their friends.


We hope that the thought of making videos seems more attainable now that we went over some tips to get you started. If you find yourself not having enough time to accomplish even the shortest of promotional videos, feel free to contact BPM for some guidance. Either way, we look forward to viewing you on YouTube!