Social Media Videos Boost Brand Awareness and Sales!

Have you ever noticed how much time you and your family spend looking at social media on a mobile device? There’s absolutely nothing unique about that because nearly every modern family in America does it. According to, the average American looks at their social media accounts at least 17 times a day! That boils down to approximately two hours a day per social media user.

The engagement power of social media videos is also worth noting. According to, in 2015, mobile video views went up 44 percent from the previous year—proving that more users are engaging with video. In fact, the viewership of Facebook videos went from 4 billion views in to 8 billion views PER DAY just from April 2015 to November 2015, and Syndacast predicts that 74 percent of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video based.


So, why is video important to your business?

It’s safe to assume there are already customers out there looking for information on products or services like the ones you provide, and nearly 80 percent of today’s consumer base uses the internet to search for products or services before making a final purchase decision. The numbers don’t lie; consumers are looking for video content to help them make a buying decision.


How does video help customers with their purchase decisions?

It’s simple! Customers want to have some sort of engaging experience to help with their buying decision. If the experience makes them feel good and inspires them to share the content, then they are 95 percent more likely to purchase from your company.


How does social media video work for spreading brand awareness and boosting sales?

A social media video is a short video and audio overview of your products or services. It can be fun, engaging, informative and lead to an urgent call to action. Social media videos range from 15 seconds all the way up to a minute and a half. They’re short and sweet and lead customers to exactly where you want them to go with your verbal, visual and link-based call to action.

Taking it a step further, adding these videos to your Boosted Facebook Posts as well as your Facebook advertising can increase brand reach EXPONENTIALLY! Instagram video marketing is on the rise and it’s owned by Facebook which only stands to expand that reach even further.

Social media video is on the rise just as consumer demand for a video-based experience is increasing. Give your customers the experience they demand, and I’m confident they’ll give you the sales you desire!

Corey Steiner
Chief Media Director of Baer Performance Marketing