5 Ways to Effectively Use Social Media Videos

The following is list of video topic ideas to integrate into social media video campaigns:

1. Answer a question or questions your potential customers frequently ask. If you’re keeping track of the questions coming in through social media and email, it’ll be easy to conclude which questions are being asked the most. Address these questions for your customers with clear and concise answers. Perhaps you can do a top 10 video to answer questions or even address review concerns.

2. Solve a problem that would make their lives easier. Show your customers how your product or service will make their lives better. Address the problem. Then illustrate your answer. These kinds of videos don’t need to be complex, just easy to follow.

3. Inspire them to take some sort of action. Whether it’s to buy from you or help you support a worthy cause, viewers like to feel involved. If you’re a respected business in your community, you’ll be able to engage your viewers to take part in what’s going on. Doing this creates a memorable event which will stay with that person the rest of their life. Most customers prefer doing business with a company that enjoys helping others.

4. Provide testimonial videos sharing genuine customer thoughts on your product or services.
Nine times out of ten, customers are on the fence about making a purchase decision, and a positive review helps them take that leap.

5. How-to videos are great for customers who own your product as well as those thinking about buying from you. When they’ve been able to see how your product or service works, your customer is more likely to buy because they feel familiar with it.

*With any of these video tactics, it’s of the utmost importance that you have a very tight grasp on who your customer base is! Also, remember SELF (Short – Engaging – Likable – Frequent). Keeping your videos short will retain more viewership. Making them engaging helps your videos to be memorable. Creating likable content helps you develop a good rapport with your viewers, and posting them frequently helps your brand to stay in the eye of the public. Take care of your SELF!

Post your final videos on social media, appropriate landing pages and in your emails or newsletters. Keep your SELF in mind! And whenever in doubt, call the professionals at Baer Performance Marketing!


Corey Steiner
Chief Media Director of Baer Performance Marketing