5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication at Your Business

Analyzing marketing and communication from an external perspective is a priority for most business owners. However, it’s just as important to evaluate the success of internal communication. This is because employees are your most loyal brand advocates!

And to the surprise of many business owners, employees in 2017 are no longer satisfied with just receiving a regular paycheck—they want their work to matter and to make a difference in the world!  They want to feel like an important contributor to their company’s mission and success. They want to be empowered by their career. Internal communication plays a huge role in delivering all of these objectives.

However, executing effective internal communication doesn’t come easy! Below are five tips to guide your strategy:


Encourage Two-Way Communication

Listening to employees builds trust, and there are many ways to encourage two-way communication, including face-to-face meetings, polls or open-ended questions posted through social media, employee surveys, or town hall meetings with large groups or all of your employees.


Less is Sometimes More

A recent study found that professionals spend half of their work day (around four hours) using email, with many reporting they are working longer hours because of their time spent on emails. Furthermore, a staggering 39 percent of U.S. workers regularly check and send work-related emails outside of the office.

Bottom line: Sending too many emails will make your staff miserable! Emails after office hours keep employees handcuffed to their smartphones and computers. Plus, if you’re cluttering your employees’ inboxes with irrelevant or redundant messages, your email  communication will soon be ignored!


Support Show and Tell

Millennials seek out work settings that are “fun and social.” And in general, people enjoy sharing the positive aspects of their lives with others.  Establishing a bulletin board in the office or an online platform where employees can share ideas, quotes, photos and videos can help strengthen employee relationships and boost morale.


Timing is Key

It’s vital your staff hears important business-related news directly from you. Before info about a merger or layoffs is printed in the local newspaper, hold a meeting. Tell your employees everything they need to know, and be prepared to answer their questions.


Measure Your Efforts

To truly improve the effectiveness of your internal communication strategy, you must first determine how you will measure your success. Consider using employee feedback and surveys to gauge your employees’ perceptions and level of satisfaction. You can also analyze qualitative data, including employee retention rates and changes in profits.

An effective internal communication strategy is essential to any business, regardless of size. By constructing a cohesive plan, you can expect to reach goals more efficiently, see higher employee engagement and, ultimately, increase company profits!

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