Creating Value in an Evolved Marketplace

Blog Post By: Jessie Zenz, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

A lot of what we do in marketing is relatively concrete.  From tailoring unique promotions that can be seen, heard, or felt to crafting web pages that are both informative and aesthetically appealing, these are important functions yet not necessarily difficult methods to comprehend.  However, there is a concept at the heart of marketing that is not quite as straightforward: value creation.

One of our central goals as marketers is to create value for consumers.  This, however, is a much more complex objective than it appears. In a relationship between a brand and its customers, each participant applies knowledge to create value.  No matter what product or service a company is offering, no matter what industry they are a part of, what is truly being sold is the value that has been co-created.

A recent article titled “Customer Experience is More Than Transactional” conveys the message that a brand’s relationship with consumers is much more than one-dimensional.  Creating a great customer experience can be achieved through marketing by identifying the expectations and goals of one’s consumer. Crafting campaigns to meet each consumer’s needs allows them to further feel comfortable with the company and what they sell.  Ultimately, this leads to the consumer identifying value which the brand has created for them.

Virtually every aspect of marketing can be tied back to this notion.  Consumers’ perceived value serves as a basis for how to price, advertise, and augment or enhance a product or service.  Although value creation is more abstract and subjective than other marketing tools, it truly is a core concept to shape a business-consumer relationship around.  As the marketplace continues to develop and consumers’ knowledge of brand promises becomes more extensive, value creation evolves with the minds of consumers and their ever-changing needs.

Of course, we know creating value is easier said than done.  Contact Baer Performance Marketing, and allow us to show you how creating an excellent customer experience will help your company flourish.