Credibility in the Marketplace: Is Your Reputation Unknowingly Holding You Back?

Blog post by: Meghan Peters, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

Do you remember news about the BP oil spill in 2010? It was met with a disastrous response from the company’s leader, one that is still talked about today, more than a decade later. One poorly thought-out rhetorical response from the CEO spoiled the company’s reputation. A situation like this is a great example to show how once your credibility is lost, it can be difficult to bounce back. Reputation and credibility can have a major impact on the way you are perceived and your success.


Reputation Determines Credibility

Credibility is of the utmost importance when maintaining a brand. Whether you’re selling a product, recruiting a team member or searching for vendors, your credibility will be brought into question. When considering your credibility, people will rely on your reputation to make that decision. Your reputation is the opinion held by others about who you are. It’s often influenced by your past language and behaviors. A major component of that is goodwill. Are you a good person? Do you tell the truth? Do you believe in your product? If you’re unable to answer “yes” to these questions, perhaps your credibility is at risk. And even if you can answer “yes,” you still may not be in the clear. Regardless of your own perception of yourself or your business, the decision of your credibility is not up to you.


Credibility Is Determined by the Audience

Whether your business is considered credible or not is determined by the audience – your stakeholders. They may ask, “Can I trust this company?” “Is what this person is saying true?” The answer to these questions comes from an analysis of one’s reputation. Often, the way you think your business is viewed is skewed or inaccurate. It is easy to tell yourself that others view you highly, when in reality they don’t. You may be quick to forget your mistakes, but they can remain in stakeholders’ minds for some time.

You could give a great speech or pitch a million-dollar idea, but if you don’t have trust, your efforts may be worthless. Credibility is persuasive; it will override any other selling techniques or rabbits you can pull out of your hat. It’s what will grab people’s attention–and ultimately what is going to put you on the path for success.


Boost Marketing Success Through Reputation Management

It is important to know what is being said about you or your business. You must sell yourself before you can sell your idea; so, if you want people to listen, you better clean up your act!

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